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Unlock your children’s creativity and keep them wholesomely engaged with myFirst’s best products – Work those singing skills with myFirst’s Voice, realize your child’s imagination through the Sketch Pro and the Dolphin 3DPen, or give your child a pair of myFirst Headphones to enjoy the latest kids’ videos. Let your children interact with our tech toys, specially designed to educate young kids in this fast-evolving digital age. Who says staying home can’t be fun? Stay cheery and have a fun family time safely at home!

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3dPen Dolphin

Bring your child's drawings to life with our 3d Pen Dolphin - a 3D Molder Starter Kit For Kids!


Sing to your heart's content with myFirst Voice, a portable karaoke set that is child-safe and fun!

Sketch Pro

Draw, sketch, modify and take notes with our new Sketch Pro!

Headphones BC

myFirst's Bone Conduction Headphones specially made for kids and designed with child safety in mind.

Top up US$10 to

Upgrade to the Wireless Headphones BC!

Headphones BC Wireless

Unbreakable, feather-light, water-resistant and child-safe. Let your child experience myFirst's Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones!

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Personalise your [email protected] Kit
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