Insta Wi

Unleash your kids' creativity with the all-in-one camera and portable printer

When you see something amazing, don’t just take a picture – create an actual photo you can hold in your hand! With the myFirst Insta Wi and portable printer, it only takes a few seconds to bring your imagination to life. What will you snap next?



Full HD Video

Unlimited Printing

Create Customized Labels

Take Picture

Connect App Via WiFi

Instant Print

Create Video And Take Pictures

This camera does it all – film video, take pictures, and snap selfies. With our handy lens switcher, you don’t even need to turn the camera around.

Picture quality is guaranteed with a 16MP digital camera plus a rear and wide angle selfie lens.

Take A Picture And Hold It In Your Hand Within Seconds

It’s simple – turn on camera to snap a picture, and myFirst Insta Wi will print it straight away in 10 seconds!

You can also print images from your mobile phone gallery. Choose from colourful pics or cool black and white polaroids.

Create And Print Stunning Labels

Connect your camera to app via WiFi, customise your labels by drawing, or typing text or symbols. And that’s not all…

myFirst Insta Wi will print your labels too! Now you can tag everything at your home, school or office!