Stay Connected

Unlimited Data and Voice Call for Your Kids
myFirst Fone R1 with phone plans singapore

Premium Hassle-Free Experience

Introducing the STAY CONNECTED by myFirst that features: GPS tracking, Messaging, Voice, and Video Call Services based on a flat monthly fee. Enjoy our hassle-free ONE-YEAR rental subscription service at no extra cost.

Unlimited Data & Calls

Unlimited voice messages, voice calls, video calls as well as GPS tracking service.

Lease to Own

One piece of kid’s smartwatch will be provided. After one year of rental subscription, the device provided will belong to the subscriber.

Stay Connected 24/7

When the product is sent for servicing, a spare unit will be provided for you to stay connected with your loved one.

myFirst Membership Privilege

Get special code upon subscription and enjoy all year round 20% discount for any product purchased at myFirst online store.