myFirst Headphones BC

myFirst Headphones BC

Bone Conduction Headphones for Kids


Love listening to music while jogging or playing outdoors? Stay safe while listening to music with myFirst headphones BC – Place BC soft rubber contact on cheek bones and hit play!

Open Ear Design

Bone Conduction

Safe For Kids


Bone Conduction Technology!

Bone conduction technology allows for music to be transmitted via the cheekbones. Kids can listen to music while remaining alert outside. Audio is set at a cool 85 decibels, ensuring safe levels of listening.

Comfort for Kids

Soft rubber contact points on myFirst Headphones BC provides comfort, even on long usage periods. Perfect for long flights and rides!

Lightweight, Foldable & Compact

At only 47 grams and rubber compact points, myFirst Headphone BC is fold-able for easier storage. Store it anytime, anywhere!


Available in 3 Colors
with Magnetic Accessories


Technical Features

-3.5mm audio jack
-1.2m cable with microphone
-Foldable & compact

-Magnetic accessories
-Soft rubber contact
-weight: 47g

-Ears to neck (length): 15cm
-Ear to ear (width): 11.8cm
-Thickness: 2.5cm

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