myFirst Sketch Book

Draw, make notes, doodle, erase and just a simple click to save your child’s memorable work.

Pressure Sensitive

Pen on Paper Experience

Instant Digitisation

Free Leather Case

Every Child's Artwork is a Valuable Masterpiece

With a built-in memory, it can now save your child’s every single masterpiece. Be the first parents to witness their growth with myFirst Sketch Book and together cherish the moments in your child’s drawing world.

Unleash your Child's Creativity

Pair with our Sketch Book app, let your child to draw with wholehearted by adjusting the font thickness, pens, tip size and colour that creates a different feel of writing and drawing. Children can spread their wings and sore up by expanding their knowledge and creativity.

Digitalise and Instant Share your Child's Work

myFirst Sketch Book delivers a seamless experience to transfer your child’s work to your preferred devices by pairing with myFirst Sketch Book app. It will be amazing as your child hand-drawn sketches will take on a new life via the digital app. Feel proud and share your child’s work to the world!

Go Green with Paperless Drawing

Be eco-friendlier! Let your child to draw out incredibly without using a single paper and without any mess. Save the trees while creating many pieces of joy.

Get Started Immediately

Within 2 seconds, your child can start up the device and draw out their great idea immediately on it. Look out for more enhance features through the app and work simultaneously with the Sketch Book.

On-the-go Sketch Book

Travel with myFirst Sketch Book and let your child’s idea to flow out on the sketch pad right away. This hassle-free Sketch Book can be utilised at anywhere and anytime. It last up to 2 weeks on a single charge!



Dimensions : 256 x 160.5 x 11.7mm
Weight: 335g
Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
Input: 5V/1A
Usable Time (Fully Charged): continuous use for about 50 hours
Memory Storage: continuous use for about 8 hours


Dimensions: 138.3*11.8mm
Weight: 12g
Battery Capacity: 80mAh
Input: 5V/1A
Usable Time (Fully Charged): continuous use for about 200 hours


Induction Method: electromagnetism
Induction Height: 5-14mm
Pen Work Method: forced induction

What’s in the box

Sketch Book
Smart stylus
Pen tips set
Free leather case
Charging cable
Quick Start Guide

myFirst Sketch Book