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How to activate

1. Enter your email to sign up.

2. Create your account by setting a password.

3. Press the “Start” button to enable camera access.

4. Scan the IMEI barcode or enter it manually.

5. The system verifies IMEI subscription eligibility.

6. Review the price and subscribe your plan.


1. How much is the monthly subscription charges after the periods of free months?

Singapore: SGD10/mth
Malaysia: RM30/mth
Thailand: $250 THB/mth
Australia: $12 AUD/mth
New Zealand: $12 NZD/mth
Hong Kong: $68 HKD/mth
Macau: p68 MOP/mth
Taiwan: $200 TWD/mth
South Korea: ₩6900 KRW/mth
Japan: ¥980 JPY/mth
US: $12 USD/mth
Canada: $15.90 CAD/mth
Mexico: $200 MXN/mth
Philippines: ₱499.00 PHP/mth
Indonesia: Rp100,000.00 IDR/mth

2. List of countries we can use this FreeSIM?

Region 1 (Global): Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.
[Free roaming to Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mainland China, Bangladesh]

Region 2 (North America): United States of America, Canada and Mexico.

3. The watch comes together with the SIM card or we need to subscribe for it separately?

myFirst Fone R1s comes with the preinstalled SIM during purchase and you may choose to activate the SIM by log in to https://myfirst.tech/freesim/ followed by restarting the watch to enjoy the service.

4. What are the document required for the sign up?

NRIC , Passport or Singpass(Singapore Only)

5. Is there extra data roaming charges when watch used in other countries?

No additional charge needed for data roaming when you use the watch in other countries.

6. How long is the activation process?

The whole process takes about 5 to 10 minutes and you may start using the watch immediately after activation completes.

7. Can I use a different SIM card with the watch?

You may choose to remove the SIM and exchange with your preferred local SIM card and you will not be charged.

* For Singapore users, our devices support network by Singtel, StarHub and M1 at the moment, which also include Circle Life, GOMO and others MVNO. However, please note that TPG SIM is running by pure LTE data and they don’t have 3G network or GSM voice network. Therefore, it is not compatible with our device.

8. How do I manage my monthly subscription plan?

You may visit this link to check your billing status:-

9. Whom to approach for further assistance on any issues with the watch or SIM?

You may reach out to our customer support at [email protected]

10. Can the SIM used on other devices?

Please note each SIM card is bind with particular watch and usage of the SIM on a different devices will eventually lock the SIM and unable you to use further.