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myFirst Fone.

with Unlimited Data Plan

Sign up and enjoy FREE 6 months subscription. You can cancel the plan at any time during the subscription. No contract.

myFirst FreeSIM is powered by PCCW Global, a world leading information and communications technology company based in Hong Kong.

What to prepare

Your identity card

As requested by all country's governments to verify you are a real human signing up for this FREE SIM Card.

The product packaging

To activate the SIM card, you will need to enter the IMEI number of the product found at the bottom of the packaging.

myFirst Fone device

● Please make sure the device has sufficient power. After activating the SIM card, switch on the device to connect to a mobile network.

myFirst Fone App

Search and download “myFirst Fone” from App Store or Google Play Store. Use this app to bind your watch.

How to activate

Step 1. Identity Verification

As requested by all country’s governments to verify you are a real human signing up for this FREE SIM Card, we are required to verify your identity with a locally-approved photo identity through the Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) process. The eKYC verification process is run through an approved 3rd party, like using MyInfo via SingPass login in Singapore.

You will be notified by email when the verification has been approved.

Step 2. Sign-up myFirst FreeSIM Plan

Sign-up the FreeSIM plan with Unlimited data (6mth-term) and fill in your credit card information. There won’t be any charges for the first 6 months and users can cancel the mobile subscription plan anytime. Charges after the first 6 months vary in different countries, please refer to your country’s pricing.

Step 3. Activate the SIM Card

After successful payment, you will be taken to the SIM card activation Page Approve your browser to use the camera on your phone or computer to scan the IMEI number (located at the bottom of your packaging) or fill in the IMEI number manually, without the word “IMEI”. After submission, your SIM card will be activated in 5 minutes.

Now you can

  1. Download myFirst Fone app from App Store or Play Store,
  2. Turn on the watch and start your Stay-Connected journey. If you have already powered on the watch, restart it

NOTE: Every time you remove the SIM Card slot or change a SIM Card you may need to restart the watchphone to reconnect to the mobile network.

Start your
Stay-Connected journey.

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