myFirst Circle

The call, messaging and social sharing app for Families, Children and Friends.

No More Follower Functions

Previously as long as you invited followers they will be able to access the kids GPS location, while some parents feedback they would like someone to message their child but not to track their child’s location.

Now there is only a Contact List (Application Contact) and Approve Phone White List. Application Contact will be able to create VOIP call via data and video call via data as well as messaging and voice messages.

Location Sharing

GPS permission is separated from the must-have function integrated in the previous “Followers” function, you can now individually select who to allow the GPS tracking.

Faster Access

From the map now you can see multiple watches and their location, at the same time you can directly call or chat with the kids directly from the map.

New Child Account

Now Child account does not attach to myFirst Fone devices as some parents comment that after changing a new myFirst Fone, they will lose all their previous messages, chat log and friend list.

The new system, Parent creates a child ID, after that you can use the child ID to login to our myFirst Fone or myFirst Circle mobile application on any smartphone (iOS or Android).

Additional Child Application

Now child could stay connected with their friends who has smartphone from their myFirst Fone contact. Child who has smartphone could install the new myFirst Circle and log in using their Child ID.

One Account for Two Devices

Child could log in to both myFirst Fone and myFirst Circle application installed on a smartphone by using the same account. Two devices can turn on concurrently and data will sync with each other.

Group Chat Functions

We know family love to chat together. We have created the group chat function and now parents can chat and call or video call with each other without leaving the app.

Data in the Cloud

All chat logs and info are kept in the cloud now. Therefore, after you change a new myFirst Fone and log in with your same Child ID, you will be able to access all your previous information and contact list.

A new concept of Social Circle for kids, family and friends.

In the past, children can only “Upload” photo in the timeline for their “Followers”. Now, children can post their photos in the new Child Friendly Safe Social Circle.

Every time you add new contacts, you will need to classify them as


"Family" is for your close family members.


"Clan" is for all your relatives and extremely close friends.



"Acquaintance" is a person known to one, but usually not a close friend.

Who Can See Your Post?

You could choose every social post be viewed from Family, Clan, Friends and Acquaintance. If a post is just among Family, only the person who is under your Family will be able to see it.

Who Can See Your Child's Post?

Child can create a social post and leave a Voice Comment from myFirst Fone directly. Posts will be auto-set to Friends circle and can’t be seen by Acquaintance.

Sharing With Full Control

Admin has the rights to change child’s post, if some of the posts you think are not appropriate. Admin could change the classification from Friend to Clan or Family.

Family Bubble

Each child will be attached to an admin to control their log in and log out. Each Adult could join others to create a Family Bubble. You could only join one Family Bubbles.

Exchange Family Bubble

If you are meeting another family you could “Exchange” Familly Bubble contact and system will auto exchange your family contact with the other family.

Every time when you posted something on social media, you get someone “Like” your post and that’s quite a “cold” respond as people tense to just click “Love” or “Like”.

Family and close contact social circle is not trying to count how many LIKEs you gain, it should be more on the the REAL engagement.

We created a 16 Characters Short Blurb Capsule style Respond or a 8 secs voice Blurb

We combined the Comment, Reply, Reaction everything into something we call "ShoutOut". Unlike the "Thumbs Up" in FB or "Love" in IG, in our myFirst Circle we have the "ShoutOut".