myFirst Sketch Board 21"
Dual usage : Digital Sketch Board + Whiteboard
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myFirst Sketch II
The New Precised Erase Sketch Pad with Partial Erase
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Drawing is the building block for learning new complex concepts

Sketch Book

Just a simple click to save your child’s memorable work.

Sketch Pro

Draw, modify, take notes, or even just a simple doodle.

3dPen Dolphin

Create 3D Models​. Bring Your Drawings to Life.


Capturing memories from the eyes of your child.

Camera Insta 2

Instant Print Camera With Extra Selfie Lens.

Camera 3

Taking Your Kid’s Photography to the Next Level

Camera Insta

Instant Print Out From the Eyes of Your Child

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myFirst Fone S2

BC Wireless

Mum’s Specialty Toy's for 2019

We at myFirst are super happy to announce that we have won the Gold Award in the Made for Mums Award 2019.