Explore the Safety Features of myFirst Kids Watchphones

Explore the Safety Features of myFirst Kids Watchphones

myFirst is all about a better world for our kids. A world where kids are safe, and although we don’t shout a lot about the many inbuilt safety features any myFirst product has, it is always has been our number one priority, and kids love it.

myFirst Watchphones: A safe device for your kids

Of particular interest lately has been battery safety of wearable watch phones as these devices are worn on the wrists of our kids. This article is aimed to give insights to parents on the safety protocol and regulations of myFirst watchphones so they can be at ease of their children’s safety.

Safety Features of myFirst Wearable Watchphones for Kids

1. Overheating Prevention

myFirst Fone’s main board is equipped with two Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) sensors, while another NTC sensor is situated directly on the battery’s Protection Circuit Module (PCM). Each sensor serves a distinct function. One NTC on the main board monitors the board’s temperature, regulating the power consumption of the CPU/GPU and screen brightness to maintain an optimal surface temperature for the Watchphone. Another, the charging NTC, ensures the temperature of the charging module remains within safe bounds by controlling current flow.

Additionally, a dedicated NTC sensor on the battery (PCM), monitors the battery’s temperature, even when it’s not charging, since batteries can also generate heat in a non-charging state. If any of these NTC sensors detect potentially harmful high temperatures, the Fone will automatically power off, and charging will also be halted immediately. This setup is crucial for preventing risks associated with excessive heat.

Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) in myFirst Watchphones

2. Water Exposure

myFirst Fones are designed with water-resistance ratings of IPX7 and IPX8, which offer protection against water at depths up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes and 2 meters for 30 minutes respectively, further reducing the risk of water-induced battery failure.

By ensuring the SIM card slot is consistently secured and the product is used within its specified waterproof limits, potential hazards linked to water-induced battery malfunction are significantly minimized.

3. Overcharge Protection

myFirst Fones have a built-in overcharge protection mechanism that automatically cuts off charging of the battery when the voltage reaches 4.45V, preventing both battery damage and overcharging.

4. Battery Module Selection and Qualification

To ensure the kids’ watchphone battery safety, myFirst follows a meticulous process of selecting and qualifying battery modules. These batteries undergo comprehensive laboratory tests covering over 40 categories, including overcharge resistance, discharge performance, and thermal stability. This testing protocol aligns with international safety standards and certifications from recognized organizations.

It is important to recognize battery damage indicators and promptly arrange for a battery replacement if necessary to maintain watchphone safety. Additionally, being cautious about physical impacts on battery safety is crucial for ensuring the long-term safety of your child’s watchphone


myFirst product meet safety standard conditions (conditions for protecting the health and safety of users and consumers and ensuring common interests) when exporting products to EU member states.


This certification certifies that the safety standards required for exporting wireless equipment and information processing technology equipment to North America (USA, Canada) for myFirst products are met.

5. Quality Assurance for Mass Production

During each production cycle, myFirst conducts rigorous quality and safety tests on battery samples from every incoming batch of batteries. These tests encompass over twenty categories, including overcharging, penetration, thermal shock, external short circuit, impact testing, and drop testing.

Furthermore, every myFirst Fone is subjected to a 72-hour aging test before shipping. This test involves operating the device under normal conditions to identify potential reliability issues. By carrying out these extensive tests, myFirst provides a safe and reliable product to our kids.

myFirst Fone S3
Mass production

At myFirst, the leading brand of kids’ technology, we are fully dedicated to establishing a secure and dependable connection between you and our kids. Our utmost priority is the safety of our young ones. Understanding the causes of spontaneous combustion and explosion in lithium batteries is crucial for ensuring the safety of GPS watchphones for kids.

Our commitment extends to rigorous battery module selection, qualification, quality assurance, and testing to meet international safety standards. These measures ensure that our myFirst Fone devices provide a reliable and secure communication tool for parents and children. Safety remains at the core of our mission as we continue to develop innovative products and establish a trustworthy connection between you and your child.

myFirst Fone R1s

Our utmost concern and responsibility lie with our customers’ safety. In light of recent incidents involving kids’ smartwatch explosions in Taiwan, we want to assure you that myFirst takes this matter seriously. We have always prioritized safety and quality in our products, and we will continue to enhance our safety measures.

We have taken precautions in the past, and we are committed to further improving and ensuring the highest standards of safety for our smartwatch products. Customers trust and well-being is of paramount importance to us. We are grateful to everyone for their continued support as we strive to provide them with the best and safest smartwatch experience.

If you wish to learn more about myFirst Kid’s Watchphones safety & regulation, email us at [email protected]

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