Routines for Young Children – Why is It Important?

For the most part, our lives consist of a series of patterns – routines we follow practically every day, such as stopping for coffee at the same spot every day on our way to work. This is especially true for kids. While we play a part in establishing patterns in our children’s lives, we may not appreciate the importance of routines in the development of young children.

Routines can aid in the development of healthy habits, the reduction of stress, and the reinforcement of values in our children. Most importantly, begin developing routines in your children as early as possible, as it is impossible to change behaviors and habits after the age of 9.

Children benefit greatly from the presence of routine in their daily lives. Educators, psychologists, and parents regularly mention the following as examples:

01. It helps young children develop their autonomy

If they know exactly what to do if they face different situations (ex: know their sleeping hours), they are more likely to do things on their own.

02. It allows young children to find their way in time

For example, if children know that after dinner, they need to brush their teeth, change into a pajama, read a storybook and they will go into their good night’s sleep. So, whatever routine you adopt, it helps the youngster know what to do according to the hours of the day.

03. It allows them to create habits in the future

For instance, brushing teeth after lunch and dinner, putting one toy away before taking out another, and so on are tiny actions that appear insignificant but have a significant impact on your children’s future lives. It will teach kids to be more responsible and disciplined as a result of it.

04. Parents can be less strict and not use the reward/punishment method systematically

A child who is accustomed to a routine is less hesitant to complete the duties demanded.


Mealtimes, errands, getting ready for bed, and bathing are all considered “maintenance” activities in daily routines. These commonplace activities, on the other hand, provide numerous opportunities to promote your child’s learning and development while having fun.

Parents may still feel compelled to remind their children of their daily routines. If this is a worry for you, you might want to consider utilizing our myFirst Fone R1s, which allow parents to create a tailored reminder for their children to do their tasks. With its innovative fitness tracker, the myFirst Fone R1s empowers kids by teaching them good habits and the notion of time, as well as encouraging them to keep active.

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