FreeSIM Subscription Policy

Policy Overview

This policy outlines the terms and conditions regarding the cancellation of both monthly and annual plan subscriptions. By subscribing to our monthly or annual plans, customers agree to the following terms.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Non-Refundable Policy

  • If a customer decides to cancel their monthly or annual plan subscription at any time during the subscription period, there will be no refund issued for the remaining period of the subscription.

Continued Access

  • Upon cancellation, the customer will retain access to the benefits of the monthly or annual plan until the end of the current subscription period. The services and features included in the plan will remain active and available to the customer until the expiration date of the subscription.

Acknowledgment and Acceptance

By subscribing to the monthly or annual plan, the customer acknowledges and accepts the terms of this cancellation and refund policy.

Contact Information

For any questions or further assistance regarding this policy, please contact our customer service team by visiting this page on our website: Contact Us.