myFirst Fone S1

myFirst Fone S1

A Hybrid Between A Smartphone And A Wrist Watch.

3G Network

The first of its kind. WatchPhone is compatible with 3G data and voice calls. Receive and send voice memos or calls on the WatchPhone with a single push.

One-Touch SOS

Send distress signals through an integrated SOS button. Once activated, parents will receive an emergency location alert with a 30s live recording of surrounding sounds.

Precise Location

Getting lost has never been this fun! S1 uses advanced GPS, WiFi and GSM to help parents accurately and conveniently track their kids.

Safety Centric

Keep your child within 200m from the boundaries of your holiday home. Preset safety zones for your kids by highlighting geo-locations in the iOS or Android app.


Keep your child within 200m from the boundaries of your holiday home. Preset safety zones for your kids by highlighting geo-locations in the iOS or Android app.

Get Healthy

WatchPhone is equipped with a pedometer which accurately captures steps taken. Encourage your child to stay healthy by setting goals through the iOS or Android app for your kid.

The Smartest Way to Protect Your Child

WatchPhone is a hybrid between a smartphone and a wrist watch. It is a fusion of functionality and convenience for parents who wants to add security to their child.

Two-Way Communication

Communicate with your kids anytime, anywhere. Voice calls, text messages, and emoticons can be sent between Watchphone and any iOS or Android smartphone. WatchPhone can also be configured to receive calls from authorized mobile numbers.

iOS & Android Compatible

Remotely access information on your child’s WatchPhone. Get insights on their location with it’s inbuilt GPS chip. Understand their fitness activities with its pedometer. Receive and send messages. Get alerted of urgent situations with SOS notifications. Communicate via voice calls with the inbuilt microphone and speaker on the myFirst Fone.

Built For Kids

myFirst Fone is built for kids who enjoys being outside the boundaries of walls. Its large battery capacity of 600mAh means it can last for up to 60 hours between charges. So even on that long camping trip, Watchphone can go the distance with ease.


Why would it be good for kids to have a myFirst Fone?

What people say?

The myFirst Fone is convenient to constantly keep in contact and communicate with my kids. Most of the time, they are in school and as parents, we thought it will not be appropriate for students to bring a handheld mobile phone to school, as it could potentially distract and disturb the school cohesiveness.
My kids love to run about the neighbourhood, they love to go across the streets to find their friends. I often lose sight of them and that worries me a lot. After getting the WatchPhone, I was able to keep track of them always. I never have to worry about them losing their communication devices too.

Technical Details

Wrist diameter: 150mm – 180mm, 5.9“ – 7.09”, 7 hole
Product weight: 53g, 1.87oz
Material: Silicon
Touch screen: OGS full touch capability
Display: 1.54” TFT 320×320
CPU: MT6572M dual-core

System: Android 4.4
Memory: 4GB rom + 512MB ram
Water resistance: IPX4/Splashproof
Battery capacity: 600mAh
Connectivity: Wifi/A-GPS/GPS

Accuracy: 10m outdoor, 50m indoor
S-sensor: G-sensor
Charging: Magnetic charging
Environment: -30 to 70°C, 95% humidity
APP support: iOS7.0 and after, Adroid 4.0 and after
Micro SIM card