myFirst Sketch

myFirst Sketch

Drawing is the building block for learning new complex concepts

One-key Eraser

Pen on Paper Experience

Lock Switch

Pressure Sensitive Sketch

myFirst Sketch

myFirst Sketch is designed to add joy into your child’s learning process. After all, drawing is the building block for learning new complex concepts. Journey with us as we build big minds together!

Built To Last

Designed with rounded rubberized corners, it is the perfect companion for out and about kids. The large format screen allows you to take school notes, scribble thoughts, sketches, tic-tac-toe and many more.

Growing Up with myFirst Sketch

The best bridge for parents and child interaction while helping your kids grow with our three-stage journey.


(12 months up)
Work on the fundamentals with scribbling. Improve your kid’s physical and gross motor skills for arms, legs and eye coordination.

Early Childhood

(2 years up)
Unbound the creativity of the little ones with boundless imagination. Complete your child’s fine motor skills to a finesse.


(5 years up)
Discover your child by letting them express their thoughts into drawings. Forge family bonds with simple activities on Sketch.


Large sketching area with LCD screen
Zero delay writing experience
Comes with a stylus for pressure sensitive sketching
Reusable with one-key eraser
Lock switch to prevent accidental drawing
Low power consumption
Up to 2 years battery life or 50,000 erases
Environmentally friendly; Save papers and trees
High Contrast Luminescent
Lightweight and portable
Durable Design for Kids

What’s in the box

myFirst LCD Sketch Pad
Stylus String