Christmas is Coming! Top 10 Gift for Your Child This Merry Season.

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle All the Way!

Can you hear the bell chiming? That’s right, the Christmas season is almost here! Children all over the world has been looking forward to this special day and behaving like a good kid so they could receive a special gift they wanted from Santa Claus (Which means their parents – But ssshhhh…don’t let the kids know that!)

For parents, have you decided on what present you’d gift your children this year? If you’re a little stuck, worry not! We have some great suggestions on Christmas Gift for kids:

1. myFirst Fone R1s

4G Smart Watchphone with Heart Rate Monitoring

A refined design with customizable watch face that is sure to steal your children’s heart! This cool gadget is sure to keep the kids happy and the parent’s mind at ease.

Equipped with cutting edge technology and multitude of features such as 4G Video and voice callheart rate monitoring & heart rate alert, GPS Tracking, geofencing, and fitness motivation for the young ones to achieve their daily steps target. 

It will be the coolest and most useful Christmas gift your kids will receive this year!

Retail Price: SGD269 / USD199 / £189

Top Selling Countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates

Award-winning Smart Watchphone

myFirst Fone R1s won the Silver Award for “Best Tech toy/Gadget” by Made For Mums Toy Awards 2022!

2. myFirst Fone R1

4G Hybrid Smart Watchphone for Next Gen Kids

Design for Next-Gen Kids, the myFirst Fone R1 is the predecessor of myFirst Fone R1s. Priced a little lower than the Fone R1s, but the features are similar! It may be the best choice of Christmas gift for your kids if you’re a little tight on budget.

Discover the amazing all-in-one device, a combination of phone, music player, camera, clock, GPS tracker, and fitness tracker. One of the coolest on-the-move entertainment that your kids will ever have.

Retail Price: SGD229 / USD169 / £159

Top-Selling Countries: Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, United Kingdom

3. myFirst Headphones BC Wireless Lite

Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones for Kids

Unlike traditional headphones, the myFirst Headphones BC Wireless Lite uses bone conduction technology to transmit sound via the cheekbones. This technology leaves ears open to the surrounding sounds. Audio is set to an appropriate volume, ensuring safe levels of listening to the child.

It is also a perfect match with myFirst Fone R1s, which makes them the best choice for a set Christmas gift for your kids!

Retail Price: SGD79.90 / USD59 / £59

Top-Selling Countries: Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia

Our myFirst Fone R1s works best with myFirst Headphones BC Wireless Lite!

4. myFirst Headphones BC Wireless

Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones for Kids

myFirst Headphones BC Wireless is a higher-end model of the BC Wireless Lite. It is equipped with Qualcomm cVc noise cancellation technology which makes it perfect for voice & video call.

Retail Price: SGD109 / USD79 / £79

Top-Selling Countries: Singapore, Australia, Canada, United Arab Emirates

5. myFirst Camera Insta Wi

Instant Print Kids Camera with Label Maker


myFirst Camera Insta Wi is a dual-lens digital camera with a front and rear selfie lens that is capable of inkless thermal instant printing in 10 seconds. The camera is also able to transfer photos wirelessly, and has an exclusive mobile application for label editing/creation.

Capture and print the magic of Christmas with this adorable camera!

Retail Price: SGD169 / USD129 / £129

Top-Selling Countries: Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, Australia

6. myFirst Camera 3

Christmas morning will surely be full of joy with this best-selling camera! myFirst Camera 3 breaks the stereotype of a child’s camera being a toy as Camera 3 works like any standard digital camera and more! 

The camera has a sturdy chassis and is available in pink, blue and yellow. At only 82g, it is handy and lightweight while its compact body is perfect for a kid’s small hands.

This camera comes with 16-megapixel (MP) main & front camera for selfie shots, as well as LED flash for low-light shots. It also has cute and sturdy shock-proof case that came with the box.

Retail Price: SGD99.9 / USD79 / £79

Top-Selling Countries: Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, Australia

7. myFirst Camera 2

Our best-selling camera in the United Kingdom, the myFirst Camera 2 is comes with free waterproof case made of reinforced high strength polymers for underwater and additional drop protection. It can be used up to 3m underwater for 180 minutes! Perfect for kids with underwater hobbies such as swimming and diving.

Retail Price: SGD89.90 / USD69 / £69

Top-Selling Countries: Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, Australia

8. myFirst 3d Pen Make

What’s best for a creative and artsy kid? The myFirst 3dPen Make would be a great tool to cultivate your kid’s talent & interest in the arts! It is designed to add joy to your child’s learning process. After all, drawing is the building block for learning new complex concepts. 

Retail Price: SGD49.90 / USD39 / £39

Top-Selling Countries: Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong

9. myFirst Sketch Book

What kid doesn’t like to draw and doodles? The myFirst Sketch Book provides unlimited space for your kid’s masterpieces. With built-in memory, it can now save your child’s every single masterpiece. The instant digitization sketch pad could draw, take notes, doodle, erase, and just a simple click to save your child’s memorable work.

Retail Price: SGD99.90 / USD99 / £99

Top-Selling Countries: Singapore, United States, United Kingdom

10. myFirst Sketch Pro Neo

The latest arrival of the myFirst Sketch line, myFirst Sketch Pro Neo lets your child explore the magic of colours while helping them to grow in the creative world. The large format screen allows your kids to take school notes, scribble thoughts, sketches, tic-tac-toe and many more.

Retail Price: SGD49.90 / USD39 / £39

Top-Selling Countries: Singapore, United Kingdom

Hopefully these top 10 list has managed to give you an idea on what to gift your children. Let’s make this Christmas a December to remember for you and your beloved family!

myFirst wishes you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas ❤️


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