World’s First Kids’ Tech Ecosystem

myFirst is the world’s first kids’ tech ecosystem: Real tech for kids with fun devices, connected services and kid-safe social network to socialise, share and go anywhere, all safely connected with their friends and family.

myFirst’s fun devices provide a secure and entertaining platform for children to socialize, share experiences, and explore the digital realm—all under the watchful eye of trusted friends and family. Designed for seamless interactions within circles of loved ones including parents and grandparents, friends, and family. No ads, no strangers; only real connections.

From a child’s very first phone to the first camera in their collection, embark on a journey of discovery, connection, and joy together as a family. Welcome to a world where kids come first, and technology is a trusted companion on their exciting path of exploration. Get social and join our safe, digital world for over 1 million kids, families, and friends.

Designed for kids,
created for parents - by parents!

In 2017, the spark for myFirst ignited unexpectedly from a simple father-daughter moment. Our Founder & CEO G-Jay Yong found inspiration when his two-year-old daughter insisted on taking pictures with his Canon DSLR. Concerned about the weight of the 2kg camera, G-Jay set out to find a digital alternative that would match his daughter’s enthusiasm.

To his surprise, the market offered no suitable solution. It was from this realization that led G-Jay to establish and the myFirst Camera was swiftly introduced, marking the beginning of a tech journey designed specifically for children. Thus, Ru Faye received her first ever camera and the myFirst KidsTech ecosystem was born.

It was not long after the launch of myFirst Camera that myFirst became the #1 Kid’s Camera Brand in South Korea. Driven by a larger vision to be the first touchpoint for tech products in children’s lives, myFirst has since diversified its offerings. With nearly 10 device categories, including watchphones, cameras, earbuds, 3D pens, sketch boards, and headphones, myFirst products are now available in over 36 countries.

Since, G-Jay and our team of “Super Dads” continue to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with a commitment to enhancing children’s interaction with technology, which has propelled myFirst into a global phenomenon. The need for their kids to engage more with new technology as the world is developing is more apparent than ever. The brand continues to thrive, connecting with families around the world and creating innovative, kid-friendly tech experiences for the next generation.

RuFaye (Product Manager) and G-Jay Yong (Founder)

myFirst aims to enrich a child’s learning process by moulding experiences through fun and innovative gadgets. Designed as a gateway to a child’s educational journey, our products aspire to redefine and reinvent the learning experience for kids, whether they’re toddlers or teens. Ultimately, myFirst continues to prepare kids and teens to embrace the technological era as they are growing.

myFirst is now loved by parents everywhere and sold across the globe, including Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Qatar, UAE, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Sweden, Spain, Mexico, UK and the USA!

Our Mission

Building a Tech Haven for Kids

Protect our Children

myFirst cultivates a community where kids can safely embrace and get introduced to technology before they get in touch with the challenges of the adult tech world, which is crucial in today’s age.

Parenting Made Easy

Our dedicated team prioritizes the creation of high-quality, reliable, and functional products, addressing every concern parents have for their children. Offering a range of styles and options for each device, myFirst caters to diverse parenting styles, ensuring there’s a tailored solution for every need and every situation. myFirst places immense value on feedback from parents and children, committing to a continuous enhancement of our products.

Families Stay Connected with Peace of Mind

Join us on the journey to align the building blocks for building big and creative minds! Our mission lies in our technology and platform to open up new experiences, conversations, and memories as your families all around the world.

Awards & Nominations

Striving for Greatness & Perfection

Best Smartwatch for Kids, Parent's Choice Awards 2023

myFirst Fone R1s won the Parents' Choice Award for the Best Smartwatch for Kids in 2023! We are incredibly grateful and humbled to receive this prestigious award.

Read MoreSeptember 2023

Finalist, Malaysia Top E-Commerce Merchant Awards 2023

We are delighted to share the wonderful news that myFirst has secured an impressive 20th place out of 300 participants for the TOP E-Commerce Merchant 2023 award.

Read MoreMay 2023

Best Invention and Best Presentation (myFirst CareBuds), GATES Consumer Tech Channel Summit 2023

myFirst was announced as the winner of the BEST INNOVATION and BEST PRESENTATION awards at GATES Smart Pitch.

Read MoreMarch 2023

Runner Up, K-Startup Grand Challenge 2022

From amongst 2650 great startups from around the world, myFirst fought our way into the top 360 companies and eventually to the top 51s landed in Korea, and now we won 2nd place in the finals!

Read MoreNovember 2022

Best Tech Toy & Gadget for myFirst Fone R1s, Made For Mums Toy Awards 2022

After 3,000 judging hours, more than 1,100 products sent out to families and endless testing with babies, toddlers, and parents, we are thrilled and honored to announce that we won silver for myFirst Fone R1s in the Made For Mums Toy Awards 2022!

Read MoreOctober 2022

Best Tech Toy & Imaginary Toy, The Dadsnet Awards 2021

  • myFirst Camera Insta 2 [GOLD]
  • myFirst Fone R1 [SILVER]
  • myFirst Sketch Book [SILVER]
  • myFirst Headphones BC Wireless [BRONZE]

Read MoreJuly 2021

Gold Award, Made for Mums Toy Awards 2019

We at myFirst are super happy to announce that we have won the Gold Award in the Made for Mums Award 2019. Our myFirst Drone and myFirst Camera 2 clinched the Gold Award for their respective categories and we could not be more proud of it! Shoutout to our fans and the people behind the Made for Mum website and award.

Read MoreOctober 2019


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