Winner of The Dadsnet Awards 2021

myFirst is proud to announce that they have successfully achieved awards in the Dadsnet Awards 2021 for multiple categories including Best Tech Toy, Best Educational Toy, Best Arts & Crafts Toy, Best Imaginary World Toy, and also for Best Outdoor Toy!

Created so that parents, are able to master the very best baby, toddler, and children’s brands that create toys that will not only assist in their kids’ growth and development but could also help with fine motor skills activities in children, the Dadsnet awards are becoming rapidly highly valued among other annual product awards of the same category.

🥇Gold Award

 myFirst Camera Insta 2

The myFirst Camera Insta 2 has received the Gold award for Best Tech Toy and also Best Imaginary World Toy! With instant printing features, the myFirst Camera Insta 2 has proved to be one of the favourite tech toys among dads to capture and collect memories, well, as the name goes, almost instantly! With preloaded fun filters and a 12MP lens, children are able to snap fun and lively images with this amazing camera making it the toy sought after for your kid’s wonderful imaginary world.

🥈Silver Award

Gaining the Silver award was a breeze for both the myFirst Fone R1 and the myFirst Sketch Book! Extremely helpful and practical in their own specific ways, its no surprise that these two gadgets are winners of the Dadsnet community to be one of the best tech toys in the market.

myFirst Fone R1

Highly functional for geo-fencing and keeping your kids safe, the myFirst Fone R1 brought home the Best Tech Toy and also the Best Outdoor Toy! Having GFK approval for being the No.1 Watchphone Brand in Singapore, the myFirst Fone R1 is definitely practical and trustworthy, the myFirst Fone R1 is indeed the device all parents go for!


myFirst Sketch Book

Only being launched officially this year, the myFirst Sketch Book garnered its first award in the industry for being the Best Tech Toy and also the Best Arts & Crafts Toy. Being a paperless solution with instant digitisation for kids and even adults, the Sketch Book deserves its recognition and should be the go-to paper replacement for kids across the globe.

The myFirst Sketch Book is invented in such a way to head for the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals for Quality Education, Climate Action, and also Life on Land. The myFirst Sketch Book can also help to develop fine motor skills that will help aid the development and growth of young children with broadening imagination and creativity.

🥉Bronze Award

myFirst Headphones BC Wireless

Last but not least, the myFirst Headphones BC Wireless secured the Bronze award in the Best Tech Toy and the Best Educational Toy category! Definitely one of the best inventions by myFirst, the wireless headphones use bone conduction technology built specifically for little, but growing ears! Putting the safety and comfort of little ones first, there’s no wonder why dads absolutely loved this innovative product for their young kids. 

All myFirst products including the award-winning gadgets are available for online purchase on the myFirst Official Store, OAXIS store, Shopee, Lazada, and also Amazon!
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