The Ultimate Guide to 11.11 Global Shopping Festivals for Kids Tech Collection

From smartwatches and instant print cameras to 3D printing pens and more, we have it all. We have prepared awesome offers for our collection!

11.11 Global Shopping Fest: Unbelievable Deals on Kids' Tech!

Welcome to the shopping event of the year! If you are on the hunt for the coolest tech gadgets for your kids, you are in for a treat! At this year’s celebration, we have curated a Kids Tech Collection that’s bound to amaze. From smartwatches and instant print cameras to 3D printing pens and more, we have it all. We have prepared awesome offers on our collection that you don’t want to miss. Let’s dive in and explore the fantastic world of kids’ tech!

Kids' Tech to Shop:

Exclusive 11.11 Deals

Don't Miss Out!

Tech for Your Kid’s Wrist

Grab our best-selling smartwatches, including myFirst Fone S3 and myFirst Fone R1s, at an exclusive bundle price. These smartwatches offer more than just a fashionable look; they come with real-time communication and safety functions. You can keep track of your kid’s whereabouts and ensure their safety while giving them the independence they crave. Keep your little one connected and protected!

> Bundle up with a protective screen protector and stylish strap for more savings now!

Capturing Memories, Instantly

Boost up your kid’s creativity with our myFirst Camera Insta Wi and myFirst Camera Insta 2. These instant print cameras are more than just fun gadgets; they encourage artistic expression and storytelling.

The exclusive bundle price includes a camera pouch to keep the camera safe and an extra pack of thermal stickers for endless photo fun.

Unleash Creativity in 3D

The myFirst 3D Pen Make is perfect for young artists and inventors. This innovative pen allows your kid to bring their ideas to life in 3D. Buy one, and you will receive two packs of filaments for free! Let your kid’s imagination run wild and nurture their creativity.

Full Collection Sale: Enjoy a storewide 11% discount on our extensive range of kids’ tech products, from sketch pads to headphones. It’s the best time to stock up on educational and entertaining gadgets for your kids. Our products are carefully designed to combine fun and learning, ensuring your kid’s development in various aspects.

Mix & Match 2 items for $111: Choose any two items from a selection of products such as myFirst Camera 10, myFirst Camera 3, myFirst Camera 2, myFirst Headphones CareBuds, myFirst Headphones Bone Conduction Lite, and myFirst Sketch Board. Create your perfect combo, whether it’s for learning, entertainment, or both!

Free Shipping on $100+ Orders: Don’t forget that if your total purchase reaches $100 or more, enjoy free shipping on us. It’s the finishing touch to an already amazing deal, making your shopping experience even more convenient.

Get ready to make this 11.11 an unforgettable shopping experience for your kids. Explore our site, discover the best deals, and treat your little ones to the latest in kids’ tech. Happy shopping!

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