Creative Toys to Keep Kids Busy at Home

Discover the Best Creative Toys for Kids with Linda – A Working Mom’s Guide to Keeping Kids Busy at Home. Linda, a mother of two active boys and one daughter, knows the struggle of finding engaging activities for her kids that don’t involve screens.

That’s why she turned to myFirst, a kid’s tech company specializing in educational and creative toys designed specifically for children. Explore Linda’s top picks from the myFirst store and find the perfect toys to boost your child’s imagination and creativity while keeping them entertained at home:

Toys for Kids: A List to Unleash Imagination and Boost Creativity

  • myFirst Sketch Board
  • myFirst Camera Insta Wi
  • myFirst 3dPen Make
  • myFirst Headphones BC Wireless Lite
  • myFirst Camera 3

When Linda brought the creative toys home, her kids were overjoyed. They spent hours taking pictures and printing them using the cameras, creating unique artwork with the 3dPen, and doodling on the sketch board.

myFirst Sketch Board

Linda’s daugther Tanya loved the myFirst Sketch Board. It was a large sketch board with a 21” LCD screen. It promised a zero-delay writing experience, and came with a stylus for pressure sensitive sketching.

Excited to try it out, Linda and Tanya began to draw away together. They were amazed by the smooth and responsive writing experience, and loved the fact that they could erase their mistakes with just one key.

As they continued to use the sketch board, they also noticed its eco-friendly benefits. With low power consumption and a battery life of up to 2 years or 50,000 erases, they could save both paper and trees. Plus, they were relieved to know that it was non-radiative, ensuring that they were not exposing themselves to any harmful radiation while they were using it.

The kids had a blast creating on the sketch board and could not believe how much time they had saved by not having to constantly replace paper. From that day on, Tanya used their sketch board for many creative endeavors and were able to bring her wildest ideas to life.

myFirst Camera Insta Wi

Linda’s son Barry and Tommy loved going on adventures and exploring new places. The fell in love with the myFirst Camera Insta Wi, an instant print camera that could create and print stunning labels, take videos and pictures, transfer images wirelessly and print photos in just 10 seconds.

Barry and Tommy were amazed by the camera’s features and couldn’t wait to use it on their next adventure. They took pictures of their friends, pets and the beautiful flowers in their gardens. Within seconds, they had printed out their favorite pictures and added their custom labels to them. They even created a scrapbook filled with their adventures and memories.

The kids had so much fun using their instant print camera that they took it with them everywhere they went. They never missed an opportunity to capture their adventures and memories.

myFirst 3dPen Make

Linda’s kids loved things that allows them to express their creativity, such as the myFirst 3dPen Make. They were amazed by how it allowed them to bring their drawings to life by creating three-dimensional objects.

Barry, Tommy and Tanya were thrilled when they got their hands on the 3D pen. They were pleasantly surprised to find that it was easy to use, with a low heat filament that solidified quickly, and a non-adhesive material that was easily cleaned off. They were also excited to find that the 3D pen could operate wirelessly, using a rechargeable battery.

The children spent countless hours drawing and creating amazing 3D objects. They made figurines, toys, and even jewelry. Linda was also happy that the myFirst 3dPen Make kept her kids busy at home while she was working.

myFirst Headphones BC Wireless Lite

Barry like to spend his time to listen to music. He always used to wear traditional headphones, but they hurt his ears after a long time. 

So, Linda surprised him with a new pair of headphones which is the myFirst Headphones BC Wireless Lite. She said, “These are special headphones, they work by bone conduction and have an open ear design.”


Barry was curious and asked, “How do they work?” His mom explained, “They use vibrations to transmit sound through your bones to your inner ear, leaving your ear canals open. They are safe for kids like you, because you can still hear the surroundings and stay aware of your environment.”

Barry was amazed, and put on the headphones immediately. He found that they were ultra-lightweight and very comfortable, even after hours of listening. The soft rubber contact points made a huge difference, and he no longer felt any discomfort or pain in his ears.

From that day on, Barry never went back to traditional headphones. He enjoyed listening to music and staying safe and comfortable with his new bone conduction headphones.

myFirst Camera 3

Tommy is a young boy with a passion for photography. One day, his mother surprised him with a myFirst Camera 3 – a digital camera made just for kids like him.

Tommy was thrilled to see that the camera had a 16MP lens, which meant that he could take high-quality photos. He tested it out by taking a few shots of his dog, and he was amazed by the sharpness and clarity of the images.

The camera also came with a macro lens, which allowed Tommy to take close-up photos of flowers, insects, and other small objects. And with its selfie lens, he could take photos of himself and his friends, making their memories even more special.

Another thing that Tommy loved about his camera was its durable rubber case. He could take it anywhere with him, without worrying about it getting damaged. With his new camera, Tommy’s passion for photography continued to grow. He loved capturing moments and preserving memories, and he was always eager to share his photos with his friends and family.

Linda was amazed by how engaged her kids were with the creative toys. They used their imaginations and problem-solving skills, and they were so focused that they didn’t even notice the time passing.

From that day on, Linda made sure to always have a few creative toys on hand to keep her kids busy at home. They were a hit not only with her boys, but also with their friends during playdates.

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